February 17, 2012

She mean the world to me :)



Dear mummy,

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful mother to me.

For bringing me into this world, for the million things you gave me, for all the struggles you have been through, for letting me cry on your shoulder, for the tears you shed when I cried, for the endless support through my ups and downs and for the unconditional loves.

A " thank you" can never be enough.

Mummy, you mean the WORLD to me.

Happy 60th birthday to you, mummy!


Sarangheyo mummy!!!!


February 14, 2012

3rd paper and holiday?


it                   ot

ITSIM 2010


Working on my 3rd paper and expecting for "educational" holiday this june or july. Hihihi….Grant dah ada, tak payah risau pasal conference fee. What motivates me to write this paper? Unexpectedly, he said " jom" which mean, jom pegi conference sama2…Hihihi….. : lovely:

struggling to begin the writing, otak dah karat, it's been ages tak menulis "small-scale" paper,instead bz writing "big-scale" paper atau thesis. Yet, itu pon banyak lagi tak fulfill sv pnya requirements. Tak cukup literature la, you must educate people on mixed methodology la, lack of details on survey over time la….manyaknyer sv….

Candidacy will end soon…erk, not so soon. 30th June will be my last day as masters student, InsyaALLAH. So, today I met my "main" sv and told her yg tak berapa lama lagi, candidacy period is over, so you better take action. The first word came out from her mouth is " extend". I totally disagree with her and I told her takmau extend. I try to wrap everything up before 30th June.

Feel better bila dah cakap dekat sv about my candidacy issue and currently working on 3rd paper. The momentum suddenly came unexpectedly….unexpected sgt, sebenarnya, everything happen for a reason – refer to the first paragraph…..

kuikuikui :p


Target conference?

ICCIS (International Conference on Computer & Information Science)

ICIA(International Conference on Informatics & Application)

local conference orgnized by our school…wuwuwuwu…takmau p yg nie….xdapat bercuti T_T