May 29, 2011

3 sisters


Its nothing to do with my personal life pon..Muehehehe…Its about my fave Korean drama series…mesti lepas nie, ak akan miss banyak episodes since I got double commitment…my career & my research work…wohooo, my career gitu…It was a long time since mak hepi yg teramat….2 yrs back bila ak dpt offer letter utk sambung belajar…Yer la kan, mana la tau, kot2 apply kena reject ke, banyak je possibilities utk kena reject..yer la kan, cs-usm, sangat high standard…biasa la tu…..ooopppsss…..Tapi, itu la hakikatnyer….No one can deny it, selain high standard, ada jugak double standard, and it sooooooooooooooooo obvious….(semoga takde sesapa gugel double standard cs-usm la ek…hahahahha)….

Takmo cakap banyak2 la pasal cs-usm, walau apa pon, dekat situ la ak gain experience, knowledge, *weight* selama 4 tahun ( 3yrs degree + 1 yrs working)…ak bukan extend yer…Alhamdulillah, ak managed utk habis degree ak on time, but, masters ak, for sure la not on time…tapi pape pon, end of this yr, ak akan wrap up everything….cant wait any longer dah…penat belajar lama sangat…hahaha….

The day after tomorrow, everything will be slightly different to me….starting from next week until mid of october, im going to be busy with my ‘classes” and “researches'”…..too many things to be done, too many unfinished job awaits me….hahahah….semoga ak dapat bahagi masa sama adil, supaya dapat balance class & research…Whatever it takes, research will always be my priority, but, for this few weeks, I need to settle down with my class first, then I can focus on my research work, InsyaAllah…I believe, nothing is impossible, because the word “impossible” clearly said that I-M-POSSIBLE! So, everything seems possible & achievable, the only matter is time…hehhe…Semoga urusan dipermudahkan Allah…

Alamak, dah larik topik sesangat, mula nak citer pasal 3 sisters, lain plak yg ak citer….heheh…akan ada sambungan, terasa nak review citer 3 sisters nie la…hahaha….onion48

May 26, 2011

Rahmat Allah, tak kira siapa, tak kira masa :D



Tak ada perkataan lain yang dapat diungkapkan selain Alhamdulillah.

Semoga saya dapat menjadi pendidik yang sabar.

Semoga terus diberi kesabaran, keyakinan & keazaman untuk mendidik anak bangsa.

Semoga urusan dipermudahkan Allah.

Wah, teruja untuk bergelar pendidik minggu depan! onion47

May 23, 2011

A picture speak louder than words



I’ve tried, I failed and I am so stress!!!

Its nothing to do with my research work, its nothing to do with my freelance project. It is just me who failed to encounter my own emotions. I’ve tried damn hard to not to take “that” as a BIG problem, but I failed. “that” keep haunting me from being myself. It is the most hatred things when outsider ( I avoid to use this word, but the truth is, yes they are outsiders) try to plan my future. Hey guys, back off, I know what I am doing right now, its not because I want it, but Allah has planned it for me way back. Its not my plan, its Allah plan. Nothing is better than Allah plan (it is something I shouldn’t mention when everybody knows it!!). Don’t ask me to do that, to do this for your own sake, do it yourself. Don’t interfere my personal life, I know what’s the best for me, stop acting like you are my father.

I kept three things above me : – Allah, my mother & my father.

Everything would never be the same after what you’ve said to me a month ago. There are things you can’t easily take it as a joke because it’s involved emotions and because I am a GIRL with emotions!