November 20, 2013



To love.Easy.Tobeloved.Superhard.

November 14, 2013

Sudden update


Lamanyer tak update blog ni. Bukan xde masa, cuma malas nk menulis. 4 tahun menulis, memikir dan memerah otak membuatkan rasa malas nak menulis or shud i say, typing. Hew hew hew….

Lately, im going crazy with K-drama sampai correction tertangguh2. Aigoo, padahal correction sikit je, nak siapkan berzaman2.

Now im watching this melodrama, romantic drama…penuh dengan idol & overloaded with eye candy…


The heirs/ The inheritors

Storyline mmg tipikal tapi cast yg buat drama ni lain dari yg lain. LMH & PSH chemistry mmg sangat daebak! Im not LMH fans, tapi watak Kim Tan dalam drama ni makes my heart melting nth times ;p. I love PSH semenjak tengok YAB and memang sesuai watak Eun sang.


Ada beberapa fave moment utk dishare ;)







hew hew hew…..again, im not LMH fans walaupun aunty iols kata dia hensem. Iols minat watak je, not the real person.

Happy watching guys!

July 8, 2013




Alhamdulillah, after 4 years of journey and now it comes to the final destination, inshaAllah. I just passed my viva with minor correction. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah s.w.t.

It was a tough viva session but i made it through! Wehee…the session starts at almost 10 am and it continues until 1110 am. 20 minutes provided for me to present / to recall whatever the examiners had read about my research and the remaining 40 minutes for Q&A session.

Q&A went well and I never thought it was easy. Published papers did helped me… Alhamdulillah…..No killer questions..surprisingly! Hahahah….just a common question and the examiners asked me to justified the table, and some contents that seem unclear to them. That’s all. The moment they started to discuss about the suitable title for my thesis, I have a good feeling about my viva. It will give a positive output. 10 minutes later, the chairman asked me to wait outside as they continue to deliberate.

10 minutes has passed. I came in and sat down. The first word from the chairman was “Congratulations”. It such an overwhelming feeling on that particular moment and I cant stop smiling…

Thanks Allah for the opportunity and thanks for giving me a great support system, friends and family :)

Thanks Mak for the endless support, continuous prayers and unconditional loves. I owe u my world.

Thanks supervisors for the valuable time, priceless advices and support throughout my study.

Thanks ati, nadiah & hariz for the support, encouragement. I owe u guys a lot.

Thanks to my labmate, hadeel, salah, pantea, seng chee, edward, kak zila, jiha for the encouragement and inspiration.

Thanks to all for the prayers and encouragement.

Last but not least, thanks to my samad. He has been a dedicated team-mate throughout my masters study.


Alhamdulillah, the 4yrs journey finally comes to the end. What’s next? Go for industry or pursue PhD? Let Allah decide what’s the best for me. As of now, i just go with the flow~~~~~~~

June 18, 2013

Dedicated to her :)



Counting hours, soon my very best friend will leave me for 3years. She’s going to Japan to further her study. We started as classmate and we end up macam belangkas. Every little tiny things that come across my mind and I couldn't find the answer, i will definitely ask her. Definitely! She’s more than my best friend, she’s half of me for almost 5 years and still counting.

Esok will be her last day in Malaysia and the day after tomorrow she will be in different place, different environment and inshaAllah she will be fine :) 5 years of friendship is just wonderful. We tried, we discovered and we went to many places together.

Dear Athiyah,

Thanks for being a super good friend,

Thanks for always remind me to always believe in Allah,

Thanks for always supporting me thru my ups and down,

Thanks for always be there whenever i feel down,

Thanks for the time we spent together,

Thanks for your understanding, 

Above all, thanks for all your love.

My prayers will always  be with you whenever you go, InshaAllah.

April 18, 2013

Everything happens for a reason


Alhamdulillah. Saya masih diberi umur yang panjang untuk berpijak di bumi Allah ni. Tak ada sebab untuk saya tak bersyukur dengan apa yang saya ada sekarang. Tidak mewah, tapi cukup untuk hidup dengan tenang & damai. Harta boleh beli dunia, tapi tak mungkin harta boleh beli ketenangan. Alhamdulillah. 

Saya belajar untuk redha, redha yang datang jauh dari hati saya. Redha yang bukan hanya dibibir, tapi betul2 dihayati maksud redha. Ambil masa, tidak mudah, tapi saya yakin, saya akan belajar menjadi seseorang yang mudah redha atas apa yang berlaku. Baik atau buruk apa yg berlaku, bukan sebab Allah hendak hukum saya, tapi mengajar saya jadi lebih kuat, lebih teguh dan lebih menyerah pada Allah, bukan pada manusia. 

Secara terus terang, viva saya terpaksa dipostpone ke 1 tarikh yang masih tak tau tarikh lagi, sebabnyer, external examiner tarik diri di saat2 akhir. Masa dapat email dr SV dari Riyadh, it such a heart broken news. Macam2 yang saya pikir, adakah saya tak layak, adakah research saya tak setaraf dengan tahap masters? 

Tapi, saya teringat video yang saya tonton tentang budak buta yang tak mahu diberi penglihatan supaya mudah dia diberi sedikit kelebihan di akhirat. Dan, saya teringat skrip dari cerita -- Mencari syifa`-- " Besar sangat ke kamu ni sampai Allah tak boleh jentik, sampai Allah tak boleh sentuh".....And now, it apply to myself, siapalah saya nak mempersoalkan apa yang berlaku, perancangan saya? apalah sangat....hebat mana pun perancangan manusia, kalau yang di atas tak beri restu, mustahil untuk berlaku. 

Conclusion saya boleh buat, saya belajar untuk redha dari hati saya. Apa sahaja yang berlaku saya ambil sebagai kekuatan untuk saya jadi hamba Allah yang lebih hebat. Erti kata yang mudah, supaya saya terus istiqamah, dan supaya perjalanan saya ke syurga Allah ( inshaAllah), sedikit sebanyak dipermudahkan, walaupun saya tau saya tak layak ke syurga Allah, tapi saya cuba untuk meraih jalan ke syurga Allah. Insha Allah. 

P/s -- release tension dengan buat plan utk aktiviti dengan adik2 wisma, katanya nak buat "Running girl"... ada sesapa nak join? Hihihih....

April 11, 2013

Waiting for viva voce


Quite a long time i havent post anything, its not about time, its about laziness...I just way toooo lazy to post something, though i have tons of things i wanna share here. 

Alhamdulillah, its been 2 months after i submitted my thesis and now waiting for viva day.  It already confirmed, my viva day is on 2nd of May, 2013.....and i think it is a good day, compare to 30 mum doesnt like the date and the day of 30 April....IDK....InshaAllah, everything will be fine, I really hope I can go thru this last obstacle....Im way tooo close to the final destination, and I am half ready to face my viva day....

Ya Allah, semoga hari viva berjalan dengan lancar, lidah saya lancar, Q&A lancar....Amin.....

I dont want to put my self in a very tense situation, thus, I made earlier preparation, im 70% done with the slides, now go thru thoroughly my own thesis and prepare for expected, i will ask my friends to be the audience as I wanted to do mock viva ( i think i should do it more than 1 time)

I dont want to think other than my thesis, my viva and my future.....I believe im ready for this, it is just my evil inner voice keep whispering and telling me that im not ready.....

InshaAllah, Allah is always there for me, 24x7....Allah knows the best for me and the rest of my life i leave it to ultimate power, Allah s.w.t.....

P/s- I need prayers from my friends :)     

February 21, 2013

Alhamdulillah…All praises to Allah :)



A week left before my thesis submission date. It such a long journey and now it nearly comes to the end!

Happy? Yes, I am super extremely happy, finally after waiting for almost 4 years now I can submit my very own thesis.

Sad? Yes I am. I gonna miss masters life. I learned a lot, not just abt research, but I learned how to be a person.

Scared? For sure. Submitting a thesis is just one of the pit stop, the end of my journey is viva voce. And the ultimate victory is when the examiner says “Congrats”. Long way to go, and lots of time to prepare. InshaAllah, Allah is always with me all the time.

Mix feeling? Naahhh, can’t avoid it Smile with tongue out


My masters life is ain’t about my research alone, it’s all about myself, my contribution to my religion, to my country, to my community, and most important, to the orphans. I don’t care if people see nothing in my research, I know what I am doing, so, do I care about other people? ( I mean people who hardly understand my research)….There’s number of people who don’t know and don’t want to know about my research. But, it is Ok with me. Im not doing this for them, im doing it for people that I care and people that care about me.

InshaAllah, there is a little contribution for the community. I pray to Allah to bless my research journey so that it will be fruitful to all.


P/s- Countdown to 7 days Open-mouthed smile