July 8, 2013




Alhamdulillah, after 4 years of journey and now it comes to the final destination, inshaAllah. I just passed my viva with minor correction. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah s.w.t.

It was a tough viva session but i made it through! Wehee…the session starts at almost 10 am and it continues until 1110 am. 20 minutes provided for me to present / to recall whatever the examiners had read about my research and the remaining 40 minutes for Q&A session.

Q&A went well and I never thought it was easy. Published papers did helped me… Alhamdulillah…..No killer questions..surprisingly! Hahahah….just a common question and the examiners asked me to justified the table, and some contents that seem unclear to them. That’s all. The moment they started to discuss about the suitable title for my thesis, I have a good feeling about my viva. It will give a positive output. 10 minutes later, the chairman asked me to wait outside as they continue to deliberate.

10 minutes has passed. I came in and sat down. The first word from the chairman was “Congratulations”. It such an overwhelming feeling on that particular moment and I cant stop smiling…

Thanks Allah for the opportunity and thanks for giving me a great support system, friends and family :)

Thanks Mak for the endless support, continuous prayers and unconditional loves. I owe u my world.

Thanks supervisors for the valuable time, priceless advices and support throughout my study.

Thanks ati, nadiah & hariz for the support, encouragement. I owe u guys a lot.

Thanks to my labmate, hadeel, salah, pantea, seng chee, edward, kak zila, jiha for the encouragement and inspiration.

Thanks to all for the prayers and encouragement.

Last but not least, thanks to my samad. He has been a dedicated team-mate throughout my masters study.


Alhamdulillah, the 4yrs journey finally comes to the end. What’s next? Go for industry or pursue PhD? Let Allah decide what’s the best for me. As of now, i just go with the flow~~~~~~~

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