May 29, 2009


Post hari nie takde pape yg important...sje nk share dengan hampa sume interesting thing yg ak, i`m gonna tell you all a lil` bit about bento....bento nie sebenarnya lunch box and japanese people mmg selalu la bawak bento nie ke keje or skolah...hehehe....but, bento can be ordinary or EXTRA ordinary depending pada org yang buat nyer...if that person born with skilful hand, then she can create a really "beautiful" bento...nk makan pon tak sanggup....OK, all these pics i got it from my email and nak share dgn you all sume....hehe...pilih2 yg mna suka...nnt ak try wat....=p


May 19, 2009


Today I have two announcements to make. But, before I begin , first of all, I am really sorry for you guys especially those yang really committed with the reunion….Sorry again because I`m afraid I can`t make it due to many reasons….The main reason because respond from you guys are very poor….really sorry again….8 orang je nak join….how can I call it reunion since 8 orang yang join, walhal ada dekat 30 orang budak 5 e 3….to be honest, it kinda frustrated because it seems like aku je yang beria (as well 8 orang yang mmg give respond)…..yang laen, sorry again, I`m bit kecewa dengan hampa suma la, ada yang aku personally hantar sms, sent message kat friendster, but depa tak layan… maybe hampa suma ada commitment and unable to give respond…so, I decide, no reunion at all and maybe we can re-organize the reunion later..maybe 2-3 years later kot….maybe by that time, hampa suma dah kerja and for those yang still belajar that time, hopefully you guys can make yourself available la….Okay, that was my first announcement….i`m done with the reunion and for those yang respond, ak betul mintak maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki sebab reunion tak jadi….honestly, I really hope plan reunion kita menjadi…but, as I said la, respond tak berapa nk OK….somehow, tak seronok kalu reunion 8 orang sedangkan kita sume ada dekat 30 orang….sorry again and maybe we can meet masa kenduri kawen hampa2 suma….cakap pasai kawen nie, now I will proceed with the second announcement....

Ok, for my second announcement, ak diberi kepercayaan oleh azfarizan (az) untuk hebahkan wedding dia yang tak berapa lama lagi….i received her wedding card last week tapi tak sempat nak scan….kinda busy lately…mcm2 nak wat at one time….sorry ekk…So, dekat ak ada 4 keping kad dia, tapi ak scan 1 je…sebabnya 4-4 kad dia sama je….and dia ada pesan,dia harap sangat hampa suma boleh p kenduri kawen dia…for further information, you guys can refer to the picture ekk….

As for me, I’m not sure whether I can make it or not…it`s all depend on my work…kalu that time ak tak bz sangat, boleh la ak p sat kot..tunjuk muka dah la…, if you guys rasa nak wat rombongan, we can discuss it further or you guys prefer nak p individually (poji ak tau,dia nak p ngn awek misi dia…ekekekeke)…ikut hampa la ekk…..anything nak Tanya,you guys can either email, sms or ym aku je…I `m always available Ok….
Till then, take care ok and anything just roger ak and for those yang nk sangat reunion, I am really sorry because reunion is cancelled….2-3 years nnti ekk…maybe hampa leh wat reunion time kenduri kawen ak lak…pas az ak punya turn plak…..

May 1, 2009


(picture source:
What does it mean? Fail? Lose? Unfortunate? Unsuccessful? Huh, people are free to interpret what is failure to them, but as for me, failure is a very subjective issue….in weaker point of view, once you fail, you will always fail….damn, it was a very stupid judgment….believe me, there is a people who think that way…but for me, failure make me even more stronger than I am now….why? because in Islam pun, failure is not a sin at all kan, it`s a dugaan yang ALLAH gave to us as a reminder for us not to forget the only one god, ALLAH s.w.t…..but, for some people, if you fail in what you do or fail to get what you want, it means you takde rezeki lagi….and I totally agreed because as a muslim, we should believe in jodoh, rezeki, ajal maut semua ALLAH tentukan….

So, why I`m very interested about failure nie? huh…it is because I just received a letter from SPA informing me that I GAGAL in ptd exam….belum rezeki..….after all, I didn`t expect too much for this exam ….let say if I put 100% expectation that I`m gonna pass the exam, then when I know I`m failed in the exam, I will become so very frustrated kan….so, let it be….if ada rezeki, insyaALLAH, I will become a very caliber Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik (PTD)….*wink wink*….

Sapa yang tak pernah fail kan…everybody pernah fail, regardless what they did, but depa pernah merasa fail kan…..hmm, personally, failure yang really hit me badly, when I`m at matriculation….i still remember that time, it happened time mid sem where I got CGPA below 1 pointer….how stupid am I that time, luckily it`s a mid sem exam, if final exam, for sure dah kena kick out from matriculation….after I knew my result, I called my mom and say that I want to quit because I don`t think I can go on anymore….but my mom cakap, be patient so as my room-mate, dila….she said if final exam tak meningkat then, we`ll figure out something….then, a week after (if I`m not mistaken la), uitm ada open application utk diploma kat uitm….i don`t know la, kuasa tuhan kan, rasa berat hati nak isi online form….when my friend ask, dah isi? i say later….at the end of the day, dah close date pon ak tak isi….i don`t even visit uitm site….i don`t know why….

Then, when sem 2 started, damn, I got 2 "fierce" lecturers for physic and chemistry….but, Alhamdulillah, because of their "fierceness", I became who I am now….graduate from USM (got APEX already now, proud to be USM student), currently working at USM (now in year 4 staying in USM, sayang terlebih ^_^Y) and insyaALLAH, I will continue my masters soon…who knows I can go this far….only ALLAH know what`s the best for hambaNya….ohh, before I end my failure story, fyi, I managed to get CGPA 2.91 in my final exam….from 0.++ to 2.91….yosh, it really hard…I tell you….only 1 secret…every nite after study, I will sleep around 30 mins, woke up and do solat hajat…every day.....even though masa kat USM I`m not so good, so to say, average student je, but siapa yang boleh expect rezeki from ALLAH kan….alhamdulillah, throughout my study kat USM, every obstacles and challenges yang datang I handle it well and I use to the fullest every chances yang ALLAH bagi untuk improve myself….hehehe…..

So, if me, an average student from gelugor can go this far, I believe you guys also can do much better than me….hey, whatever people say about you, ignore it, be deaf and listen to your heart…because people always talk about other people and people yang “kureng” cerdik selalunya jealous tgk kejayaan orang ignore them and listen to your heart…insyaALLAH you will success….

P/s- story di atas semua kisah benar belaka and mainly nak share dengan you guys about myself….i`m not saying that I`m the best but I really hope this story can at least influence(i don`t think influence is the best word, maybe i can replace it with inspire...hehehe) other to achieve their dream….
P/s- sorry for my bad English…I know my grammar sucks…still learning to improve it….because learning is an unstoppable activity….hehehehe….happy learning friends……..

Shaun the Sheep

(picture source :shaun the

Lately, ak minat sgt cartoon nie….first time tgk cartoon nie kat KL, time tu kebetulan pg umah kazen ak, then celik je mata pagi tu, terus bukak Disney channel….bukak je ada shaun the sheep…apa lg,layan le pg2 buta….nak dijadikan cite, time tu episode mmg best gile….ak igt lg tajuk episode tu, camping chaos…mmg besh sgt…then, starting from that, totally addicted to the series…if ak miss morning slot, ak akan tunggu 12 midnite utk tgk ulangan shaun the sheep….
Basically, shaun the sheep nie kisah seekor kambing yang bijak…dah sah2 le nama kambing nie shaun since he play the main role in this series….shaun nie tinggal kat sebuang ladang yang kecik je…ada la dlm 10 ekor kot gang dia…xbanyak pon…then, ada si penjaga kambing, anjing yang bernama bitzer…bitzer nie tukang jaga kambing2 le…pg2 je, bitzer akan terpacak depan kandang and whistle nak panggil gang shaun untuk makan rumput….then, pas sekumpulan kambing2 nie kluar, time tu le bermula kisah2 yg membuatkan cite nie dipanggil shaun the sheep…kekeke….meh ak tunjuk animal involve in this series..hehehe…..mostly, I like shaun le….adorable…kekeke

Bitzer –a dedicated dog

shaun the sheep and the gang

ain`t he cute sheep?

After all, it just a cartoon with a lite storyline…kalu tgk cartoon yg lawan2 nie, ak cepat bosan, so ak preferred this kind of cartoon la, yang relax and still enjoy watching it.....for those yang rasa bila tgk cartoon kan reduce hampa punya tension, so I recommend you all to watch shaun the sheep….hehhe…

p/s- tengah berusaha mendownload shaun the sheep…if ada yg berminat, inform me and i`ll upload it….(I found the series with a very high quality video *wink wink*)

**all pictures taken from shaun the goes to them....