February 21, 2013

Alhamdulillah…All praises to Allah :)



A week left before my thesis submission date. It such a long journey and now it nearly comes to the end!

Happy? Yes, I am super extremely happy, finally after waiting for almost 4 years now I can submit my very own thesis.

Sad? Yes I am. I gonna miss masters life. I learned a lot, not just abt research, but I learned how to be a person.

Scared? For sure. Submitting a thesis is just one of the pit stop, the end of my journey is viva voce. And the ultimate victory is when the examiner says “Congrats”. Long way to go, and lots of time to prepare. InshaAllah, Allah is always with me all the time.

Mix feeling? Naahhh, can’t avoid it Smile with tongue out


My masters life is ain’t about my research alone, it’s all about myself, my contribution to my religion, to my country, to my community, and most important, to the orphans. I don’t care if people see nothing in my research, I know what I am doing, so, do I care about other people? ( I mean people who hardly understand my research)….There’s number of people who don’t know and don’t want to know about my research. But, it is Ok with me. Im not doing this for them, im doing it for people that I care and people that care about me.

InshaAllah, there is a little contribution for the community. I pray to Allah to bless my research journey so that it will be fruitful to all.


P/s- Countdown to 7 days Open-mouthed smile