June 18, 2013

Dedicated to her :)



Counting hours, soon my very best friend will leave me for 3years. She’s going to Japan to further her study. We started as classmate and we end up macam belangkas. Every little tiny things that come across my mind and I couldn't find the answer, i will definitely ask her. Definitely! She’s more than my best friend, she’s half of me for almost 5 years and still counting.

Esok will be her last day in Malaysia and the day after tomorrow she will be in different place, different environment and inshaAllah she will be fine :) 5 years of friendship is just wonderful. We tried, we discovered and we went to many places together.

Dear Athiyah,

Thanks for being a super good friend,

Thanks for always remind me to always believe in Allah,

Thanks for always supporting me thru my ups and down,

Thanks for always be there whenever i feel down,

Thanks for the time we spent together,

Thanks for your understanding, 

Above all, thanks for all your love.

My prayers will always  be with you whenever you go, InshaAllah.