March 30, 2009

Regarding Reunion 5e3

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Salam all,

Last week ak ada sent kat hampa sume SMS kan (regarding our reunion), since june tak lama lg, ak rasa I should plan something by now….before ak start anything, let me list down our 5e3`s members… (nie antara yang ak igt le ekk,for those yang not in the list, sorry, tak ingat sume la…)

1. Syamil- not coming (he`s not in Malaysia anyway)
2. Hairi – missing in action (he will graduate this august, if I`m not mistaken)
3. Taquallah(taqua) – insyaALLAH will join the reunion (he`s now my junior at USM..kekeke)
4. Rahim – lost contact
5. Fauzi(poji)– insyaALLAH will join the reunion
6. Rizwan(mamak) – lost contact
7. Akmal- ??[hopefully wanie will pass the information to him]
8. Hafizul(pijul)– lost contact
9. Azwan - insyaALLAH will join the reunion
10. Azuan – lost contact
11. Azlen(kodek)– insyaALLAH will join the reunion
12. Jamil – lost contact
13. Shafizan(ijan)– lost contact
14. Arwah Jalaludin
15. Khuzairy (kucai)– insyaALLAH will join the reunion
16. Ashraf (botak )
17. Amirul
18. Dailami
19. Habib
20. nizam (kinda weird person, but quite excellent in the class)-look at the class picture, he`s the only one who doesn’t look at the camera ….(macho kot)
**Edit-(finally, ak dah igt mamat sorg nie)
21. Janusi(he`s in UIA right now, don`t remember his name, he`s very good in add math)

p/s-janusi, sorry ekk, bukan lupa tapi tak ingat....kekee(^o^)Y

1. Myself… (^_^)-I`m already in the confirmed list…
2. Liza – lost contact (rumors said that she married already…)
3. Azfarizan(az)– insyaALLAH will join the reunion
4. Zawani(wanie)– insyaALLAH will join the reunion
5. Shelina(shelly) – lost contact
6. Aida– lost contact
7. Amalina(am) – no answer yet (in UTHM, further her study)
8. Ila farida(ila) – insyaALLAH will join the reunion (doing her practical at Pahang)

So far yang bagi respond, around 8 orang je, hopefully yang ada nama dlm list or yg not in the list can give me answer….i`m not a good planner, but I will try my best to make it memorable…that`s my promise to all of you…lagipun dah lama kan kita tak jumpa, habis je SPM, masing2 wat haluan masing2, now is the perfect time nak gather balik, kongsi cite masa kita semua buat haluan msg2…we`re like a family after all…^_^…

OK, I`m looking forward for some respond from u guys….OK, ak proceed ke venue plak…some says mana2 pon depa tak kisah…so, ak list down some places yang dorang suggest

· Queensbay mall
· Komtar
· Pulau batik (where is it? I hv no idea)
· Kat skolah..kekeke(that`s was my idea, leh flashback zaman oldschool, tapi aku rasa kena mintak permission dulu kot)

Ak sgt harap dapat gather sume orang kan, regardless outsider or insider la…so, skrg yang ak boleh buat just wait for some answer from hampa sume then baru ak leh think seriously pasal reunion…and I really hope this plan menjadi because I know each one of you pon teringin nak wat reunion and jumpa kwn2 lama kan…

Till then, hope to hear from u guys soon….please please please gives me some respond…. (^_^)//

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