June 4, 2011

Mr. Children



I am their big fans….Tapi, silently la….Why I said so? Sebab all their albums even singles are way toooooooooooooooooooooooooo pricey…..onion17 masih tidak mampu untuk memiliki hatta 1 pon singles….atau, wa sibuk mengumpul album ikimonogakari je….muehehehe…..

Their first debut was in 1988….ak baru umur 2 tahun…baru nak mengenali dunia, masih tak kenal siapa itu mr children…..But, things gonna change forever….aicecece….The very first song of mr children yg ak dengar adalah shirushi (mark)….It was a theme song for 14 sai no haha, a japanese drama series about a little girl who is accidentally pregnant when she was 14 years old…..Oh, I have a review on the drama – 14 sai no haha - ..Ak tak sure whether this song is purposely  for the drama, but it has a connection anyway…..

Menjadi impian ak utk beli their tour sebab ak dah falling in love with Mr Sakurai….He was a good singer, a good performer, a good songwriter and a good rocker….Ngeh3…..They have been together for over 20 years and masih tak berpecah pon….Each of the team members complement to each other which makes them stronger years after years…semoga ikimonogakari pon macam tu….its been a decade they’ve been in Japanese music industry ( I meant Ikimonogakari yer :P)

Antara lagu yg ak suka ialah shirushi, sign, hero, kimi ga suki, hanabi & antara album fave ak adalah supermarket fantasy & home…..


One of my all time fave songs from Mr Children….Shirushi…It has a deep meaning and it was written by sakurai, Mr Children lead singer…..The song is soooooooooooo damn beautiful, isn’t it? And here’s the lyrics translation :D


It's as though we knew that this was going to happen from the start
We listened to each other's heartbeat
ticking with a different tempo

No matter what words I choose,
they somehow seem fake
I scrunched up a letter written by my left brain and threw it out

Taken along by a silent song...
Will the voice in my heart reach you?

Darling Darling
I've seen you from so many angles
and every one of them was amazing
It made me realize what love is
"Doubt = Prevention of pain"
Now, with a strange nuance,
that's pointing to you

"You've got the same face"
Someone teases about a photo
Are we alike? Or have we become similar?
We faced each other so seriously
that it almost felt bothersome
It's got me as far as becoming jealous of the times I used to be so thoughtless

No one will ever hear the heart's voice
that's alright, it's better that way

Darling Darling
I know that you have many faces
No matter what I do to spend my time,
I remember them and feel the pain
It's not the various anniversaries
written in the calendar
but what's vibrant and distinct
filling my memories

Crying and laughing
It's an unstable emotion but
that is the mark between you and me

Darling Darling
I've seen you from so many angles
there may be days that we cannot live together
I bet I'll still love you
Darling Darling Oh My Darling
Madly vivid is what's filling my memories

Darling Darling

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