November 3, 2012

Misc ;)


Too much time spend on facebook, and now I decided to go offline for a little while……baiklah berdiam diri seketika, muhasabah diri and fokus pada apa yang patut fokus…..

Working part time as kindi teacher is sometimes a tiring job. Need to do extra work as they called it “teamwork” (hopefully none of the teacher will find this blog or else im a dead meat…kui3)….Well, it’s not really a teamwork, but since it is an instruction, no option for me… I have to consider it as a “teamwork”….hihihihi….. the concert is just around the corner, yet the preparation is way behind from the schedule….. well, I don’t have right to questions about the preparation, but based on my point of view, the preparation supposed to start earlier, not in the mid of 2012…. only if  ( or if only?  not sure which one is correct) the children can listen and can remember all those steps and lines, there will be less effort to train them for the concert. Tapi takpe la, we just observe, wait and see what going to happen on the concert day….

even tough is such a tiring job, but to be honest, I really enjoy working there. I love children so much… they always made my day Smile  kadang2 nak marah, tapi bila tengok muka yang kiut miut, the anger just gone with the wind….hihihihi….. I don’t have to try so hard to please them anymore as nowadays they listen to what I say…..alhamdulillah…. it such a relief when now less effort needed to make them pay attention, no more shouting, just “bribe” them with my own drawing and ask them to colour it….

adoyai, 10 children…hahaha…sakit tangan nak drawing for each of them…..tapi, xpe la, as long as they happy, saya pun hepi sekali….. when I took 2 days leave, I cant stop thinking about them….hahahaha…im just crazy about my “instant” children… adorable, so funny, so lawak, so kiut….hehehehe…. but believe me, working as kindi teacher is not an easy job, man! if only u can tahan with the child 1001 behavior, then only u can work there….hihihi…..alhamdulillah, I also experienced hard time , but I managed to overcome the hard time with other teachers help….

Here’s the pictures of my adorable lil’ prince and princess






P/s – masa mula2 nak wat entry ni, I got something else to share, tapi end up cita pasai keja pulak….well, mybe on the next entry kot….

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