March 24, 2010

2nd Attempt & I did it!!!!!! ^_____^

"Congratulations! Your paper #1569279811 ('A conceptual framework of an e-mentoring system for orphan children using ARCS Motivational Model') has been accepted for presentation at ITSIM'10."

On 16 march, my supervisor called me right after she received this email in her inbox...(time tu ak tgh bersuka-suki di tesco, celebrate advance birthday nadiah ^^).....I`m expecting this and alhamdulillah, they accepted my paper...the review is quite good, overall, the review are above of the reviewer comments : 

"Overall this is a very interesting paper. I would like to see more discussion on the practical implications for actually implementing this system in practice and how this could be achieved, etc."

**sounds good right? hahahaha..... 

The camera-ready is on april 30th.....wahahahha....a month left for the camera ready and i`m doing nothing since i`m attending Java Training (konon nak hunt for SCJP cert...kui3)....huhuhu....the conference will be held on 15-17 june kalo xsalah ak la...takut,neves sbb kna present...the problem is, it`s not a poster presentation...kalo poster presentation, we just stand besides our poster and wait for the people to come, but it`s a PPT slide presentation, present on the stage, in front of the expertise....i just cant imagine the situation...plg takut is the Q&A session...takut kna hentam je...aduyaiii.....

Hopefully, session atie before or after my session so that ak boleh tengok muka dia time present nanti, tak la neves sgt ak kenal dia..miahahahaha....(teruk btol, belum present dah takut, sgt2 la -ve minded.... =.=")

Nak share tu utk post kali friends, pray for me okes...I will try my best and plg penting, jangan la ak neves sgt...nnt lgsg xleh nk present...huhuhuhuhu~ 

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