March 28, 2010

Dinner with besties ^____^



Last friday, we went to Noodle station onion16 ….our fav place to hang out sbb kat tepi laut (xde la tepi laut), across the sea la….nampak la laut pulau pinang yg tak berapa nk jernih + penang bridge yg sentiasa byk kenderaan…hehe  ….atie suka pg situ sbb de pure chocholate ice blended, my fav too onion67 …hahaha,nadiah pulak as always, her fav drinks, coffeeonion13






Nie la antara wajah2 hepi selepas amek post-assessment & mock exam utk SCJP onion49 …hehehehe…plannyer nk p BJ pas p noodle station, tapi since dah malam + dari e-gate nak ke BJ tu agak jauh, ak request utk pg next friday je sbbnyer next friday dah abis java training….wahahaha…next week blaja Solaris….it something new to me and i love to learn new thing onion103 …hehehe….sejak bila ntah…..kui3….onion73

P/s-I`m TOTALLY in love with live writer!!!!!!onion29


Mika said...

The food there seems tasty. *-*
AH! Hi! ^^

Not would have problems if you add me with as friend in the facebook, but I don't have one. x.x

Here in my country is common the use of MSN (Windows Live Messenger). You have one? ><

Oh! Thanks! I saw (me blog in the your list of fav) when I visited your blog... By the way, I saw too than you are fan of the Jang Keun Suk. I love this men! He have one big voice when speak, not think so too?? *-*

Nice to meet you too! XD
And sorry for the delay for reply you. Already add your Email in my contacts and soon I send a email for you. \o

Have a good start week.
MIka *-*'

violet_ingrid said...

ahahaha...i`m totally obsessed with JGS....he`s soooooo damn handsome, charming and i love everything about him!!!!!! because of him, i fall in love with yong hwa...the protagonist acting of JGS made me "hates" him in you`re beautiful and in love with shin woo...hahahaha....r u into japanese music? i love one j-band called ikimonogakari and i think u should listen to their song...they are really good....^^

Hv a nice day too....and it`s great to know u....^___^