February 1, 2011

Marah vs. Sayang



Bila saya marah, marah saya hanya sekejap

Bila saya merajuk, rajuk saya hanya untuk seketika

Bila saya terasa, perasaan itu hanya sementara

Bila saya kecil hati, ia hanya mainan hati saya


Bila saya sayang, marah saya terus padam

Bila saya sayang, rajuk saya berterbangan di awan

Bila saya sayang, perasaan itu makin bercambah

Bila saya sayang, hati saya besar untuk menerima kemaafaan




Dedicated this to my beloved friend.

(SS, you know who you are onion48 )

She used to be my best friend,


we are apart

but, it is just temporary

And now we are back and becomes friend again!.


I believe in ONE thing.

There is ex-lovers, but there is no ex-friend.

You can lie to your mind by telling that she’s not my friend anymore


You failed to tell you heart that she’s my best friend forever

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