March 15, 2011

Delete flv files from your desktop

Ever since I changed to Windows 7, I have difficulties to delete files with flv extension…whenever I try to delete the files, the system keep calculating total size of files to be deleted, but none of the files was deleted…Then, the windows explorer start to cause me so much problem and I also have problem to open other folders…wth!!! I’ve tried to delete flv files using safe mode method, but it does not work at all…my laptop suddenly went hibernate due to overheated….Luckily, I found a simple solution to this problem…Thanks to chknabeel for providing a simple solution to this stupid problem…I hv no idea why this problem is a problem….huhuhu….what is so special with flv files? Huh….

Ok, Here are the steps to delete flv files using killbox….

Step 1

Download killbox from Killbox

Step 2

It will look like this. Expand processes


Step 3

You will see list of “something which I dont know” :p


Step 4

Click the folder icon to find files you wanted to delete


Choose the file


Step 5

a. Find explorer.exe

b. Click End task to start the process


Step 6

Choose Yes

imageThis pop-out will appear, just click OK


Step 7

Next is to click on the “X” icon to begin the deleting process


Just click Yes to end the process  


Tadaaa!!!Your files was successfully deleted by killbox!!! Yay!!!!  


Thanks killbox…See, no more annoying flv files!


Too much? Hihihi…hopefully you guys can follow this so-called “tutorial”…onion47

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