September 25, 2012

Part time job with adorables :)


Lama tak merepek kat blog sendiri. As of now, quite occupied with multitasking job…haha…siang hari i become a kindi teacher and back home im just a normal masters student who struggling to finish her writing…Love my new part time job so much…quite tiring but i enjoyed.  Tengok si adorable makes me feel soooooooooo happy…..walaupun kadang2 my boiling point went up high, but when i hug them i can feel the love…how much i loves kiddy…now i know how mummies feel when they see their kids growing up…… *its a great feeling* *cough*

Semoga kerja nie kekal and what can i do now is to practice to be a multitasking person :)


P/s- Tomorrow we will be having a photo session and its great to take photo with all my adorable kids :)

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