August 5, 2012

Salam ramadan :)


Agak lama tak mengupdate sesuatu kat blog nie….sesungguhnya saya tak berkesempatan nak bukak windows live sbb sangat sibuk dengan data collection ( collect data, make sure data cukup untuk research saya, interview respondents untuk data lebih data, kumpul mana2 dokumen yang relevan yang boleh dijadikan data………)

Itu antara proses yang berlaku sepanjang data collection…Im doing a case study and among the DISADVANTAGES of case study is time consuming….yeap, couldnt agree more…it suppose to be a full ONLINE mentoring session between respondents, but I end up at the orphanage as middle person every single days throughout 5 weeks….pheww…...Time consuming….. and gas consuming too as I drove there almost every day….. Mostly to help them (orphans) configure the PC, not the system…they have a strict rule, have certain time to access the computer, need to ask the guardian the password, and the password keep changing almost every day… So, to make my work easier,  i created a new account so that i dont hv to wait for the “abg”  or his wife to give me the password…

Alhamdulillah, thru-out 5 weeks, everything went smoothly and it finished within the time limit….Despite everything, I knew that I have contributed something at least to the orphans… Though my research might be not sufficient enough to some people, but I feel over-satisfied with the process…

The next phase take place now…Im in the middle of  doing my data analysis…Struggle with this phase much more than data collection…We can still manipulate things and situation during data collection, but when we are up to data analysis, there is nothing much we can manipulate( i still think that manipulating data is unethical attitude)……the research result will be based on the analysis…

Hopefully, everything will be going smooth and easy…Im doing what I love to do, so I suppose this will be the advantage to myself because Im not doing something that people ask me to do, but Im doing what I really love to do……InsyaAllah……

Here’s some pictures during the data collection….And salam ramadan to all muslims….2 weeks left before aidilfitri, it means that 2 weeks left for me to prepare my abstract to be included in my notice of thesis submission this september….





P/s- When something comes to the end, we really appreciate what we have been thru….the hurdles, the struggles and I believe it help us to be a better person…or a better muslim/muslimah :)

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