September 1, 2010



It has been decided…1 semester left before the final submission of my thesis….ikutnyer June 2011 baru ak akan submit final draft of my thesis…long way to go and im not reaching the destination yet…. onion03

To myself : sabar eh. This is your research journey. Research is unknown and you cant expect things fall into line just like what you wanted it to be. But, believe that you will reach the destination, just a little bit late than others. Never give up and keep going!!!

To my supervisorS : Thanks for everything. You are the best!!!! Thanks for being nice to me all the time. I have never experience “bad” timing with you. Thanks Allah for giving me such a superb supervisor!

To mySuperMom : Mak, sorry for everything. I cant make it on time. But, one thing for sure, whatever it takes, I will finish my study by next year. InsyaALLAH. The only thing I need now is your Doa. Thanks for the endless support throughout my hardest moments. You are my everything and I will never ever disappoint you with my stupidity. Love you SO very much Mak!!!

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