October 17, 2010

Di kala bohsan!

Malam nie sya kurang produktif sbb tadi petang saya tido! Damn! malam nie saya tak boleh tido, so sya tak boleh nak writing sbb minda saya dlm keadaan bercelaru (boleh plak mcm nie eh)..hehehe…so, sambil mendengar2, wah, besh plak lagu forever love – Tohoshinki nie! Here`s the MV

Credit to AtsuyoNamie


And here is the official MV

Credit to pauchunnie

First, this song is so damn romantic! second, yang tukang nyanyi pon sangat harmony! third, its my fave song! even though ak tak la paham sangat lagu nie kalau tak tgk translation, but I still love this song. It has a good melody + a good lyrics…among 5 of them, sapa yg paling besh nyanyi? hiks…its hard for me to answer la…kalau sorang yang nyanyi, lagu nie takkan jadi besh…mesti kena depa berlima jugak… Let`s see the translation!


Shining right before our eyes,
The glittering sunset
Inside my chest, a profound love
Like nothing I have ever felt before

If I say to myself that I’m fine on my own,
I’m telling a lie

I’ve been passing time like this,
But from now on,
You’re the only one I’ll never part from

Time and time again
I'll send it to you, what you’re looking for
All your hesitation will melt away,
Let’s live and FOREVER LOVE

With shadows inching closer on a steep path,
The feel of your clasped hand
It seemed like that gently, tenderly erased the pain

What kind of a future are you painting?
The image of your young self
Finding the first star of the evening
Now, I’ll give it to you

Time and time again I’ll sing for you, my precious one
The single most undeniable treasure in this world,

You're the only love forever

No matter when
I’m confident that I’ll protect you forever
The thorns stuck deep within your heart
If they’re pulled out, I’ll hold you close
An endless dream

Time and time again I’ll grant it for you,
Everything that you wish for
The single most undeniable brilliance in this world,
Time and time again I’ll give it to you,
What you’re looking for
All your hesitation will melt away
And let’s live, together

You're the only love forever


It such a beautiful song kan! To love someone, you must believe in love! Aww…jiwang plak malam2 nie…hehehe……sesuai utk jadi LAGU-CINTA-SAYA? Hmm, let`s seeonion13

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