October 6, 2010

I love tab~! :D


Can you see it? When we open multiple word files, it will appear a the taskbar and if you set your taskbar to group the same file types, so it will appear in stack. Leceh kan bila mcm tu, tapi itu dulu because itu je the only option…But now, I found the perfect apps yang…again, ease my writing routine! Yay, while looking for other apps, I accidentally found this apps…Isnt it cool? I would say YES as I am a frequent Microsoft Word users…Hehehe….Oh, it applied to Excel and Powerpoint too and its Office 2007 compatible, so you can use this apps even you are using Office 2007, its not a problem at all. I shall recommend this to my research-mate kan…

Oh, there is another apps yang boleh bukak multiple files and ada tab…its Foxit Reader…It lighter than Adobe and its Free!! Adobe pon free gak..saje je…hhahahaha


Nie pon besh, so takyah la semakkan taskbar dgn banyak2 folder, suma dah ada kat tab nie….nak swap files pon senang, takyah nak gerak mouse smpai ke taskbar, then pilih plak file yg nak bukak kat stack kat taskbar…pheww….manyak keje oooo…..and it sound complicated kan…miahahahhahha

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